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English Café
English Café will be held online.

The English Cafe is an opportunity to talk casually while eating lunch. Conversation flows freely among Japanese students and international students. English-speaking staff and faculty are also welcome. A full-time faculty member from the Foreign Languages Section of ILA is present as a resource and facilitator. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know many English-speaking people on campus in a relaxed, fun environment.
Hosted by English teachers from the U.S.A. and Australia.
Bring your lunch and enjoy conversations with peers and teachers from abroad!

If you are interested in participating, please apply via Google Form.
After applying, the Student Support Center will send you a ZOOM link.

Contact: Student Support Center's Student Success Support Section, (Please replace -a- with the @ sign.)


Faculty: Hugh de Ferranti and Mariko Anno
Time: 12:40pm - 13:20pm

10月/ October
10/ 6 水曜/ Wed. Mariko Anno
10/14 木曜/Thurs. Hugh de Ferranti
10/20 水曜/ Wed. Mariko Anno
10/28 木曜/Thurs. None
11月/ November
11/ 4 木曜/Thurs. Hugh de Ferranti
11/18 木曜/Thurs. Hugh de Ferranti
11/24 水曜/ Wed. Mariko Anno
12月/ December
12/ 9 木曜/Thurs. Hugh de Ferranti
12/15 水曜/ Wed. Mariko Anno
12/23 木曜/Thurs. Hugh de Ferranti
1月/ January
1/12 水曜/ Wed. Mariko Anno
1/20 木曜/Thurs. Hugh de Ferranti
1/26 水曜/ Wed. Mariko Anno

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