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  • As a preventative measure against the spread of Covid 19 virus, we request that all people who come to the Administrative Office of the Foreign Languages Section wear a facemask and allow their temperature to be taken. Moreover as we must sometimes restrict the number of people in the office, we ask that you all make use of the email addresses given below and/or enquire by telephone to 03-5734-2287.
        Our e-mail addresses have changed to the following ones since 25 March, 2021:
            Inquiries about English courses in general:
            Inquiries about English 9 course:
            Inquiries about Second Foreign Language courses:
            * Please replace _at_ with the @ sign.

  • Notices from the Administrative Office of the Foreign Languages Section appear on "the Bulletin Board" (for students who are currently enrolled; content updatable).

  • Intensive Language Courses (Updated on December 27, 2021)
  • Open English Office Hours (Updated on December 9, 2021)

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