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Tokyo Tech Writing Center (TTWCR)
Tokyo Tech Writing Center (TTWCR)

Tokyo Tech Writing Center (TTWCR) is a consultation facility where students can receive assistance with writing assignments through dialogic sessions with tutors who have been trained in tutoring and peer-reviewing skills.

Adopting an understanding that the writer should take ownership of the writing process, our tutors respect the writer’s worries, ideas, and discoveries. In dialogic tutorials, those receiving tutoring will undergo substantial growth as academic writers by identifying ambiguities in their own writing and coming up with solutions on their own.

By honing writing skills through their own discoveries, not only will the writers make improvements to the writing assignment at hand, but they will also be able to take strides toward becoming autonomous writers who can produce well-deliberated texts on their own when they work on future writing assignments.

◆Session duration
Each session lasts 45 minutes per writer (including diagnosis of your text and post-session reflection).
◆Type of text
In principle, we cater to all kinds of academic writing needs in both humanities and sciences, provided that they are part of your coursework at TokyoTech. These include but are not limited to the following:
course papers, book reviews, Liberal Arts final reports (kyoyo sotsuron), undergraduate theses, journal articles, Master’s theses, and Doctoral dissertations.

◆Stage of writing
You can benefit from a tutorial at any stage of the writing process, so we welcome you to make an appointment at any of the following stages:
brainstorming, rough draft, first draft, finalization, final draft, and submitted draft.

◆Amount of writing
There are no restrictions in terms of the amount of writing you may bring along. However, given the time limitations, you may be asked to focus on a particular section of your writing in each session.

We cater to both Japanese and English texts. In principle, we will not do grammar or other types of corrections for you, as our goal is to help you become an independent writer. That being said, we are happy to teach you how to improve on these aspects of writing by yourself.

Time: Monday - Friday (10:40 - 17:05)
Our opening hours follow the university calendar.
Duration: 45 minutes per session
Place: We are required to hold sessions on Zoom in 2022, 2nd Quarter.
A Zoom link will be sent to your registered email address 15 minutes prior to the session.

Please note the following points before you make an appointment for a tutorial:

(1) Choose the tutor type you prefer (JJ, EJ, EE) in the Tokyo Tech WCR reservation system below (「ご予約内容の選択」).
(2) Choose the session period available in the calendar.
(3) After you send your information, you will receive the booking confirmation.
(4) Your tutor will send you an email with a ZoomURL.
(5) Enter Zoom at the session time

◆Tutor categories
JJ (Japanese paper discussed in Japanese language)
EJ (English paper discussed in Japanese language)
EE (English paper discussed in English language)

◆We will accept your reservation until 23:00 on the day before your chosen time slot, after which you can contact us for a walk-in reservation: (please replace _at_ with @)
◆For walk-in writers, sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have not received our reply after 15 minutes past the beginning of the session, please assume that someone else has claimed the same session.
◆TTWCR is a service only available for Tokyo Tech students. Tutors will require the writer to show their student ID at the beginning of the session.

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